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Amani’s four core values include Sustainability. We are committed to building more efficient, sustainable and healthier homes in the Twin Cities.
Zero Energy Ready Homes Are The Future of Home Building
  • The Department of Energy created the Zero Energy Ready Home program to encourage the advancement of healthier home construction

  • These homes last longer and function better than other new construction homes built to code

  • High-performance homes are so energy efficient they can offset all or most annual energy consumption with renewable energy

  • Extra insulation expertly installed ensures an effective thermal blanket around your home (Think winter heat savings!)

  • All Zero Energy Ready Homes are constructed to meet the federal government’s most rigorous guidelines for high-performance homes

High-Performance Thermal Enclosure
Whole-House Water Protection
High-Performance Comfort System
High-Efficiency Components
Whole-House Health Protection
Solar-Ready Construction
Enhanced Quality Assurance
What Exactly Is A Zero Energy Ready Home?


The U.S. Department of Energy (D.O.E.) created the Zero Energy Ready Home program in 2008 to encourage and propel the advancement of home construction techniques, methodologies, building science, materials, and appliances that can significantly reduce overall energy use in homes.

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All New Single Family Home Construction is Certified to the Following Levels


True to our core values, each newly constructed single family home has been rigorously tested, by increasingly stringent energy codes and advanced building technologies, allowing us to continue to boosting the efficiency and reducing the GHG emissions from new U.S. homes. As such you can expect the highest quality workmanship, products, and materials, to deliver unparalleled quality construction from Amani Construction & Development.

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